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Report 2019

For RTK, social responsibility and sustainable business development have always been business strategy priorities. We publish an annual report on the company's social and environmental performance, which we are sure is useful for our partners, customers and employees, and motivates our competitors to move towards socially responsible and sustainable business.

Company corporate culture

The RTK corporate culture is an important link and integral component of our company's successful development strategy.

The main guidelines and values we adhere to in our communications with employees, partners and customers are:

  • Business ethics
  • Internal communications and social surveys
  • Corporate events

Business ethics. A company’s success is a team effort. Its reputation, credibility, successful and sustainable development depend on each one of us. Work at RTK requires all employees to comply strictly with the legislative, ethical and professional rules and standards meeting the requirements of the state, the market and society.

Internal communications. Internal communications are an integral part of the company's corporate culture and one of the main factors in increasing its operating efficiency. Today, it is a priority for RTK to keep its personnel informed in a timely fashion of all changes, projects and events taking place in the company, as well as to support cooperation and knowledge-sharing between divisions.

Corporate events. In order to motivate employees and identify new practices, our company regularly identifies and rewards the best specialists.

Core principles of RTK sustainable business

Science and innovation. Our company is a leader in the development and implementation of advanced technologies and innovations in manufacturing thermal insulation materials made of foam rubber.

The company’s active and consistent innovative development is manifested in continuous creation, improvement and implementation of the latest technologies and equipment, adaptation and application of the best global practices, improvement of management of and control over business processes, as well as continuous raising of specialists' qualifications.

Social responsibility. The company has always been guided by high standards not only in production but also in the social sphere. A systemic approach to implementing all areas of social policy, close attention to the needs of employees and their families, and responsible business conduct all contribute to stability and effectiveness of social investments. RTK's priorities include optimal working conditions, health protection, adherence to the highest safety measures, its employees’ career and professional development.

Environmental protection. Russian Thermal Insulation Company recognizes its responsibility to ensure accident-free operations, safe working conditions for its employees and public health in the areas where the company operates. The company's management pursues an environmental protection policy focusing on:

  • Compliance with legal and other environmental requirements applicable to the company's operations
  • Safeguarding of the environment and biodiversity.
  • Balancing the interests of the company and society in resource use.
  • Innovative application of environmental technologies.
  • Priority of prevention over elimination of hazardous events.