Ventilation and air-conditioning
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Ventilation and air-conditioning

RU-FLEX thermal insulation protects ducts in air-conditioners and split systems against condensation, thereby extending their service life.

In ducts carrying cold air, the main problem is preventing condensation from forming on the outside of the duct, which can lead to corrosion and mould forming. In addition, moisture can seep into the room, causing damage to surfaces. To prevent this, the ducting should be fitted with thermal insulation with low thermal conductivity and high vapour permeation resistance.

Air handling and air distribution systems create noise. RU-FLEX thermal insulation materials have good acoustic insulation properties so can be used as both thermal and acoustic insulation at the same time.

By limiting the heat exchange between the air flowing in the duct and the external environment during operation of the ventilation system, RU-FLEX thermal insulation helps save energy resources.

The combination of characteristics ensures long service life, condensate control at any temperature and humidity, energy saving and corrosion protection.