-60°С +105°С
Thermal Conductivity (W/(m×°C))0,042
Density (kg/m3)110 ± 40
Water absorption in 24 hours by volume at full immersion, not more than (%)0,6
Resistance to petroleum productshigh
Service life, min. (years)50
Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient, min. 8,000 pH value8000
pH valueneutral
Biological resistancehigh
Biological resistancehigh
Compressive strength at 10% linear deformation, not less than14



RU-FLEX BP is a modern thermal insulation material recommended for thermal insulation of tanks, reservoirs and pipelines at positive and negative temperatures, laid underground or aboveground, and related shaped products. It is also used for thermal insulation of welded joints of pipelines, shut-off and control valves, strainers, and other elements of pipelines as a thermal insulation layer within the thermal insulation structure. RU-FLEX BP has been specially developed for insulating pipelines laid underground to a depth of up to 2 m, or aboveground, operating with a heat carrier temperature of from -60 to +105 °C. Small closed pores in RU-FLEX BP structure prevent moisture vapours from entering, thereby protecting the structure against corrosion. This material does not sustain bacterial media and does not decompose. RU-FLEX BP may be used under any climatic conditions, does not emit any harmful substances into the atmosphere so is odour-free. RU-FLEX BP is resistant to an aggressive environment.
RU-FLEX PROM POLYMER is a polymer coating. It is used as a coating layer for items located outdoors (as well as in rooms and tunnels) and affected by increased exposure to aggressive environmental factors. It provides protection from ultraviolet exposure, an aggressive environment and mechanical damage. RU-FLEX PROM POLYMER coating is characterized by high resistance to raised humidity, surface heating by sunlight, negative temperatures, petroleum products, sea water and wear. It is black or grey in color, depending on the customer's wishes. No self-adhesive version is available.

Main areas of RU-FLEX BP application:

  • industrial pipelines;
  • petrochemical facilities;
  • underground pipelines;
  • underground tanks and reservoirs;
  • pipe fittings, including shut-off valves.
  • Oil and gas industry, chemical, mining and fuel industries
  • Industrial and civil construction
  • Heat-power engineering
  • Electrical energy industry