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RUSICH thermal covers for the dairy industry
Thermal covers are an effective and universal means of thermal insulation for different items for multiple use with preservation of the thermal properties of the insolation structure and ease of mounting or dismantling.
RU-FLEX is a domestic material for effective thermal insulation
Economical and rational use of thermal energy is one way to increase the effectiveness of fuel and energy resources in the refrigeration, food and processing industries, and other branches of the agro-industrial complex.
RU-FLEX for refrigeration equipment
Thermal insulation is an integral part of process equipment and pipelines for food processing, production and transportation of artificial cold, and industrial air-conditioning systems.
The advantages of RU-FLEX domestic thermal insulation based on synthetic rubber foam for refrigeration equipment.
Increasing the efficiency of thermal energy use in the refrigeration industry is one way to ensure rational use of fuel and energy resources.
RU-FLEX is a domestic solution in the field of energy saving.
The current task of energy-efficient operation of pipelines and equipment in order to increase the profitability of implementing technological processes is becoming one of the main development priorities in power engineering, housing and communal services, and various industries.
Prospects for use of domestic high-tech foam thermal insulation for refrigeration chain facilities.
The role is outlined of thermal insulation in maintaining the quality of products throughout the refrigeration chain.
Thermal insulation for refrigeration pipelines at agro-industrial complex enterprises.
The article analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of several heat-insulating materials, and discusses the specifics of installation and operation of heat-insulating constructions based on them.
RUSICH quick-release thermal insulation covers for refrigeration equipment.
Reliable operation of modern refrigeration equipment requires a careful approach to the quality, energy efficiency and durability of thermal insulation materials and structures used.
Domestically made RU-FLEX thermal insulation products for refrigeration equipment.
Foamed synthetic rubber is a high-quality universal insulating material with a closed porous structure that simultaneously solves the issues of heat, water, sound and vibration insulation of pipelines, air ducts and technological equipment.
Modern domestic thermal insulation RU-FLEX made from foamed synthetic rubber for refrigeration pipelines and equipment.
Industrial production of synthetic rubber in the Russian Federation, as well as all over the world, is one of the most important final stages in the transformation of hydrocarbon raw materials into a wide range of high-tech products for the consumer market.
Rheometric studies of vulcanization and pore formation processes in foamed elastomeric materials.
Kinetic curves describing the processes of vulcanization and pore formation in foamed rubbers made of butadiene-nitrile rubbers have been studied