Ventilation and air-conditioning


Use of modern, high quality RU-FLEX thermal insulation avoids major problems: heat loss in hot water and heating systems, condensation and frost formation on cold water pipes and air-conditioning systems. Application on air ducts improves incoming air quality and reduces equipment noise.

Use of foam rubber products in healthcare facilities is approved by hygienic certification.

RU-FLEX high-quality foam rubber insulation is indispensable for modern air-conditioning and ventilation systems. The absence of fibers, light weight, ease of installation and durability are decisive factors when choosing solutions in this field. Also, owing to their qualities, foam rubber products are used for reducing ventilation system noise.

The sound-absorbing properties of RU-FLEX thermal insulation systems, which have proven their worth in modern buildings already in operation, should be noted separately.

To help choose the right RU-FLEX ECO PHARM insulation thickness, we have prepared ready-made solutions (basic calculations).

Problem and solution

Calculation of insulation thickness for the exhaust ventilation system

Initial data

  • Heat transfer medium: air
  • tm = +20 ˚С – temperature of the heat transfer medium in the duct;
  • tокр = -25 ˚С – ambient temperature (coldest five-day period (0.92) in Moscow);
  • ϑв = 4 м/с – coolant velocity;
  • φ = 80 % — relative humidity of the ambient air.

According to the technical specifications (TS), RU-FLEX outdoor installation is possible if coatings are used to protect the surface of the products from weathering.

With foil-coated cover layer (PROM ALU):
Duct dimensions, mm Calculated insulation thickness RU-FLEX ECO PHARM PROM ALU / ST PROM ALU, mm Recommended insulation thickness RU-FLEX ECO PHARM PROM ALU / ST PROM ALU, mm
150х150 16,6 Р19
180х180 16,79 Р19
200х200 16,87 Р19
450х450 17,37 Р19
900х600 17,6 Р19

Calculations made according to SP 61.13.330.2012 RF