Mounting adhesive tapes
/ Mounting adhesive tapes

Mounting adhesive tapes

Thickness, mm3
Installation temperature (°С)+ 5 to + 40
Width (mm)15, 25, 30, 50, 100
Tapes made of coatingALU, PROM ALU, METAL, PROM POLYMER
Operating temperature (°C)+ 60 to + 85

Mounting self-adhesive tapes RU-FLEX ST, RU-FLEX VT, RU-FLEX ECO and RU-FLEX VENT are thermal insulation tapes made of foamed rubber with a special adhesive layer. They are used for sealing adhesive joints and joints of rubber thermal insulation of the appropriate type.

RU-FLEX PROM POLYMER Mounting Tape has no adhesive layer and is mounted with RU-FLEX Adhesive 454. It is used to seal adhesive joints and joints of RU-FLEX PROM POLYMER rubber thermal insulation.

RU-FLEX ALU Self-adhesive Tape is made of aluminum foil with a permanently sticky acrylic adhesive layer. It is used for gluing the seams of products with aluminized coatings RU-FLEX ALU.

RU-FLEX PROM ALU Tape is a four-layer, self-adhesive mounting tape made of aluminum foil and polymer material, with a special adhesive layer on one side. Used to seal adhesive seams and joints of RU-FLEX PROM ALU protective coating.

RU-FLEX PVC Tape is a self-adhesive tape of RU-FLEX PVC plasticized coating with an adhesive layer based on natural rubber. It is used for sealing the joints of thermal insulation products and protective systems.