Refrigeration and air-conditioning

Food industry

Thermal insulation of water supply, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems with foam rubber materials helps solve a whole range of problems related to operation of this equipment. Resistance to condensate formation, reduction of heat losses, prevention of mould formation and corrosion are obvious advantages of using RU-FLEX products. The products are certified for use in the food industry.

The field of application of RU-FLEX foam rubber insulation covers a wide range of temperatures. Cryogenics is no exception. Our products’ thermal and technical characteristics allow them to be used under critical conditions, where alternative solutions are not so effective.

To help choose the right RU-FLEX ST insulation thickness, we have prepared ready-made solutions (basic calculations).

Problem and solution

Calculation of insulation thickness to prevent condensation from ambient air on the thermal insulation cover layer.

Initial data

  • Heat transfer medium: propylene glycol
  • tm = 7 ˚С – coolant temperature in the pipe;
  • tокр = 20 ˚С – temperature in the shopping center;
  • φ = 65 % — the relative humidity in the shopping centre.
Without covering layer
Copper pipeline diameter, mm Design thickness of insulation, RU-FLEX ST, mm Recommended insulation thickness, RU-FLEX ST, mm
6 4,31 Т6
12 4,9
18 5,22
28 5,54

Calculations made according to SP 61.13.330.2012 RF