-200°С +150°С
Thermal Conductivity (W/(m×°C))0,038
Density (kg/m3)70 ± 20
Water absorption in 24 hours by volume at full immersion, not more than (%)0,6
Elongation at break, not less than (%) Elongation at break, min.: in the longitudinal direction / in the transverse direction (%)44
Resistance to petroleum productshigh
Service life, min. (years)50
Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient, min. 8,000 pH value7000
Vapour permeability coefficient, max. (mg/(m×h×Pa))0,0063
pH valueneutral
Equilibrium sorption humidity, not more than (%)2
Biological resistancehigh
Biological resistancehigh


Description RU-FLEX VT (high- temperature) is a thermal insulation material designed for insulating surfaces within a temperature range from -200 to +150 °C. High-temperature thermal insulation RU-FLEX VT is used to prevent heat loss, for protection against condensate formation and corrosion.
No special equipment, such as goggles or protective suits, is required during mounting of RU-FLEX VT, since it forms no dust and does not crumble, as is typical of all thermal insulation materials based on foamed synthetic rubber.

Areas of RU-FLEX VT application:

  • low-pressure steam pipelines with a steam temperature up to +150 °C;
  • thermal insulation of boiler house equipment and other heating systems; industrial pipelines and equipment;
  • thermal insulation of heat exchangers;
  • high temperature insulation;
  • solar power systems.

RU-FLEX VT is supplied in the form of tubes, rolls, plates, tapes, angles, T-joints, suspensions. No self-adhesive version is available.

Technical data: Download the instructions (PDF)
Material data: Table (PDF)
Thermal insulation tape RU-FLEX VT-SK is manufactured in a self-adhesive variant and is used for sealing adhesive seams and joints of RU-FLEX VT thermal insulation material. The given tape may be used to insulate surfaces with temperatures up to +85 °C.
  • Oil and gas industry, chemical, mining and fuel industries
  • Industrial and civil construction
  • Heat-power engineering
  • Electrical energy industry