About company


Russia’s only full-cycle production company where all stages of the technological process take place in Russia under the import substitution programme.

  • We use only Russian raw materials and technologies
  • We have our own R&D laboratory producing technical solutions for introduction into the production process
  • We develop innovative technologies to improve existing materials and create new ones
  • We have up-to-date equipment for output quality control
Why RU-FLEX thermal

The popularity of RU-FLEX materials is due to the company’s unique technology and strict quality control at all production stages.

  • The cost is 15–20% lower than Western manufacturers’ prices
  • High quality manufactured products
  • Long service life of over 50 years
  • Quick and easy installation of Ru-Flex products
  • Development and production of new materials at customer and application industry requests
Application areas

RU-FLEX thermal insulation has a wide range of applications. The technology comes from our own laboratory when new applications are developed and appear.

  • Construction
  • Heating systems
  • Water supply systems
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Medicine
  • Chemical and mining industries
  • Combined heat power plant equipment
  • Rail and road transport
  • Food industry

RTK Values

"We live and work in Russia, and we build our business in all honesty. For us, responsible business is a voluntary contribution to society in the social, economic and environmental areas in which RTK does business."

M. N. Sarychev

RTK Executive Director

The principle of sustainable and socially responsible business lies at the heart of RTK’s long-term development strategy.

Our work with all participants in the business process: the government, partners, customers, company employees and the local community, is based on mutual respect, responsibility and transparency.

Our policies

By working with the Russian Thermal Insulation Company and sharing our values, you contribute to socially responsible business and development of a healthy economy in Russia.

01 Leadership

RTK is gradually taking a leading position on the market for technical thermal insulation made of foam rubber. Introduction of the latest, unique technologies developed in our own laboratory and strict quality control at all stages of production boost the popularity of our products.

02 Flexibility

We adapt quickly to new market demand. We develop and implement new technologies to create unique materials for special orders from our customers.

03 Growth and development

Our success depends on our team. It is important for us to realize the potential of each employee and bring out their individual talents.

Career and professional development, training, a friendly and easy atmosphere ensure the company's constant development.

04 Social and environmental responsibility RTK is actively involved in:

City greening
Supporting non-profit organizations in educating children and developing their talents
Introducing and using alternative energy in production