A field session of the Scientific and Technical Council (STC) of the Federal Special Construction Agency was held as part of the SpetsstroyExpo 2016 exhibition of domestic construction industry enterprises, at branch of the Main Directorate for Engineering Works No. 2 under the Russian Spetsstroy "Mechanical Plant of Assembly Billets No. 231". The sessions covered application of Russian manufacturers’ innovative technologies and products presented at the forum.

Spetsstroy Expo 2016 brought together more than sixty exhibitors from various parts of our country. The exhibition included state-of-the-art developments that have prospects for being used in special construction projects. In total, over 250 exhibits were displayed. Of these, 20% were completely new developments exhibited for the first time. The very broad range of products included high prefabrication modular structures, specialized construction equipment, finishing and protective materials and coatings, power installations, electrical engineering and lighting systems, climate control equipment, personal protective equipment, control and measuring equipment, power tools, etc.

The experts from Spetsstroy of Russia, who took an active part in the forum, showed great interest in both original domestic developments and products that enterprises are producing in response to the import substitution programme. In particular, we are talking about the latest fire-resistant and fire-proof coatings that can increase the fire safety of facilities significantly, composite materials that increase the strength characteristics of structures, small-scale mechanization devices and much more.

The STC meeting included a dialogue with developers and manufacturers of innovative products. The participants appreciated the opportunity to communicate directly and exchange views. It was noted that some of the exhibits could soon be used in special construction projects, while other interesting innovations require additional design solutions.