AF 100

AF 100

Biological resistancehigh
Biological resistancehigh
UV resistancehigh
Water resistancehigh
Installation temperature (°С)+ 15 to +30
Available capacity, (l) 1,0
Temperature of application- 60 to + 80



AF 100 is an anti-friction coating for surface treatment prior to installation of small diameter foam rubber pipe insulation without a longitudinal section. AF 100 eliminates friction between the pipe surface and the inner surface of the insulation, thereby eliminating the risk of damage.

AF 100 prevents metal oxidation and corrosion, has high temperature resistance (- 196°C to + 500°C) and is safe for the environment and living organisms.
AF 100 Antifriction coating can be used not only for processing pipes but also other surfaces exposed to corrosion and oxidation, thereby increasing the service life.

Thanks to the hydrophobic characteristics of AF 100, formation of ice on the treated surface is minimized and less time and physical effort is required to remove it.

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