-200°С +110°С
Thermal Conductivity (W/(m×°C))0,032
Density (kg/m3)45 ± 15
Water absorption in 24 hours by volume at full immersion, not more than (%)0,6
Elongation at break, not less than (%) Elongation at break, min.: in the longitudinal direction / in the transverse direction (%)51
Resistance to petroleum productshigh
Service life, min. (years)50
Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient, min. 8,000 pH value10,000
Vapour permeability coefficient, max. (mg/(m×h×Pa))0,0034
pH value neutral
Equilibrium sorption humidity, not more than (%)2
Biological resistancehigh
Biological resistance high


Description RU-FLEX ST (standard) is a technical thermal insulation material intended for insulation of surfaces within a temperature range of from -200 to +110 °C, apart from facilities with increased requirements on the toxicity of combustion products. Thanks to the closed cellular structure, it has low thermal conductivity and water absorption: it does not absorb and does not accumulate moisture. When used in rooms with high humidity and condensation formation, no waterproofing is required owing to the low coefficient of vapour permeability.

RU-FLEX ST shows high flexibility and elasticity, is easy to install, and has a higher than average tensile strength. Improved resistance to aggressive media (petrol, cleaners, oils) expands the scope of its application.

RU-FLEX ST is an all-purpose thermal insulation material. It is used in industry to address the challenges of maintaining the required temperature at application sites, as well as to protect the sites against undesirable physical effects.

Major areas of application:
  • Industrial pipelines;
  • Heating and water supply;
  • Petrochemical facilities;
  • Refrigeration equipment.

RU-FLEX ST is supplied in the form of tubes, rolls, plates, angles, T-joints, tapes and suspensions.

Technical data: Download the instructions (PDF)
Material data: Table (PDF)

* – for SK version (self-adhesive) from -40 °C to +85 °C
* * – uncoated
* * * – uncoated
RU-FLEX ST products are the most widespread thermal insulation based on foamed rubber. Applied for surfaces with a temperature of between -200 and +110 degrees. Manufactured in the form of rolls, tubes, plates and tapes.
  • Shipbuilding
  • All types of offshore rig
  • Oil and gas industry, chemical, mining and fuel industries
  • Industrial and civil construction
  • Heat-power engineering
  • Electrical energy industry