Designer's Day 2018
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Designer's Day 2018

In cooperation with several manufacturers, an off-calendar Designer's Day was held in Ekaterinburg.
Traditionally, every autumn, many brands gather in the Urals at an event for HVAC, water supply and sewerage designer engineers and technical staff. The mini exhibition, small conference and entertainment part provide a format promoting talk about new brands, answering of questions and socializing in an informal atmosphere. As a rule, guests leave not only with updated technical knowledge but also new skills acquired at master classes. This year, for example, the design engineers learned the secrets of shooting commercials under the guidance of a real director and operator team.

The Designer's Day event was held in Ekaterinburg (Urals Federal District) on 12 October 2018.<b> Russian Thermal Insulation Company</b>, manufacturer of <b>RU-FLEX</b> rubber insulation, took part in this landmark event for the first time. By tradition, every autumn in the Urals, several companies get together for an event for HVAC, water supply and sewerage design engineers and technical staff in the form of a mini exhibition, including an official and an entertainment programme. During the event, guests can acquaint themselves with the products of the companies participating in the event and the conference, during which the brand’s latest developments are presented, questions of interest answered and participants can network in an informal atmosphere. At the same time, guests not only leave with updated technical knowledge but also gain some new practical skills at various master classes.