Designers' workshop in St. Petersburg
/ Designers' workshop in St. Petersburg

Designers' workshop in St. Petersburg

On the photo: V.I. Ilyin, General Director, TD RTK

On 24 April 2018, at 65 Serdobolskaya St., lit. A, St. Petersburg, Russian Thermal Insulation Company held a seminar on "Rubber insulation. Choice. Designing. Commissioning”. The seminar was conducted by Vitaly Ilyin, General Director of TD RTK, and Irina Shipulina, Head of Technical Department. The event programme included presentation of technical solutions developed by the domestic manufacturer, rules for selecting the type of heat insulation products made of expanded synthetic rubber and work in the RTK PROJECT calculation programme, with everyone able to make calculations for their own projects. Vitaliy Ilyin noted that work with design institutes is vital for any serious enterprise desiring permanent improvement of its output’s technical characteristics.

At the end of the seminar, each participant was provided with the RTK-PROJECT calculation programme, product catalogue and an album of technical solutions.